Gamevice Developers

We're here to help you to succeed in adapting your app to work with Gamevice products.  The resources below will help game publishers and any developer interested in the Works with Gamevice Program get up to speed with developing for and supporting Gamevice products as quickly as possible.

Apple iOS Resources

Apple provides extensive documentation on their standard MFi controller accessory protocol and how to interface with controllers from within native iOS applications.

Game Controller Programming Guide

Game Controller Framework Reference

Designing for Game Controllers
WWDC 2014 - Session 611


Google / Android Resources

Google provides documentation within the Android developer portal that details how to handle game controller input and integrate with your application. The training article linked below provides an introduction to supporting game controllers from within Android.

Supporting Game Controllers: Handling Controller Actions

Unity 3D Resources

Unity 3D also provides native cross-platform support for game controllers using the Unity input API. Resources can be found online within the Unity developer documentation.

iOS Game Controller Support (Unity)

General Input Manager Documentation



Works with Gamevice

Description of Works with Gamevice Program
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