What Devices is Gamevice compatible with?

Currently Gamevice is compatible with iPad mini, iPhone 6 series, iPad Air and iPad Pro 9.7. iPad 12.9 (Out October 2016!) and Android versions are in development. Keep an eye out for announcements.

Does Gamevice Charge my iPad?

Yes, when Gamevice is plugged in via its USB charge cable it will also charge your compatible Apple devices. When it is not plugged in Gamevice will not charge your device, but it will not drain any power since it has an internal battery.
*The Gamevice iPad Pro 12.9 uses a lighting connector in place of the USB connection while using your controller.

What do get when I buy a Gamevice?

As well as the device itself, Gamevice comes with a USB or lighting cable for charging.

What games does it work with?

With Gamevice you can play hundreds of games including Halo, NBA 2K16, Mortal Kombat, Grand Theft Auto, and Call of Duty to name but a few.
Be sure to get the Gamevice Live App to receive updates on all new games as they roll in.

How does it connect?

Gamevice connects via iPad’s lightning port, giving hair trigger response and charging capability.

What is Gamevice?

Gamevice attaches to your Apple device, giving you console level control anytime anywhere.